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Air Conditioner Process

Air Conditioner Process


The base of the process is peculiarity of liquids to absorb heat during evaporation and to give it back during condensation. Refrigerant circulates in the air conditioner, which, depending on temperature and pressure, changes its aggregate state, i.e. becomes either gas or liquid.

The four basic components - compressor, condenser, throttling device and evaporator - are interconnected by interconnecting pipes, creating a refrigerant circuit, within which the refrigerant flows.

Principle of operation of an air conditioner 
How an air conditioner works

The refrigerant gas, with a low temperature, flows from the evaporator to the compressor. The compressor compresses the gas and both the pressure and the temperature of the refrigerant gas increase at the same time. Then the hot refrigerant enters the condenser under high pressure.

In the condenser, the gas cools down as it is blown by a stream of cooler air and turns into a liquid, giving off heat. And the air leaving the condenser is heated by the heat given off by the compressed refrigerant.

The refrigerant then enters the throttling device. At this point it is somewhat warmer than atmospheric air, in a liquid state and under high pressure. As it passes through the throttling device, the pressure of the refrigerant decreases sharply. This is accompanied by a decrease in its temperature.

At the end of the cycle, the refrigerant returns to the evaporator where it is affected by room air. The refrigerant becomes a gas again, taking heat from the room. And such cycle repeats as long as the air conditioner is on.


Perhaps, one of the most difficult problems while working of split-system is a refrigerant, that did not manage to transform into gas. The liquid gets from evaporator to compressor inlet, and as liquid is incompressible substance, there is a hydraulic shock. The main cause of the breakdown is in dirty filters of the indoor unit, clogging with popliteal fluff of the condenser surface of the outdoor unit. That is why prophylaxis is necessary: regular cleaning and routine inspection by a specialist.

If you follow the simple rules, the split-system will serve you for many years, providing reliable and perfect air conditioning.