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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning


compressor. Compresses the refrigerant, which in the process of compression is heated, and keeps it moving through the refrigeration circuit;

condenser. The radiator located in the outdoor unit. In it, the gaseous freon, cooled by blowing outside air, is condensed to a liquid state;

throttling device. Reduces the pressure, reducing the temperature of the refrigerant;

evaporator. The radiator located in the indoor unit. Opposite to the condenser in the principle of operation: in it freon evaporates when the temperature increases;

fans. They ensure the heat exchange between the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner with the environment;

Copper tubes through which the refrigerant circulates.


The outside of the air conditioner is placed on the wall on the street side. This allows the heat to be dissipated from the room and reduces the noise level in the room. The outdoor unit consists of several basic parts:

The fan. In simple models, it has one speed of rotation. Expensive versions imply several speeds or smooth regulation;

Condenser. In home air conditioners, air-cooled condensers are used;

compressor. There are classic rotary and double-rotary ones. The second differ practically with total absence of vibrations;

Throttling device. In home air conditioners has a form of capillary tube or electronic expansion valve;

control board. In external unit is found only on inverter conditioners.


The indoor unit is the part of the split system, which is located in the room. It includes:

The decorative front panel of the case. Behind it the air filters and the evaporator (heat exchanger) are hiding.

The coarse filter. The strainer that catches the coarse particles: hair, hair, dust, on the inlet of the indoor unit;

fine filters;

fan. Unlike the outdoor unit fan, as a rule, has several speeds;

evaporator. Represents a copper tube with aluminum fins;

horizontal louvers. Movable elements of the unit, which can be controlled by remote control. They direct the air flow in the desired direction vertically;

vertical louvers. In almost all domestic split-systems you can regulate them only manually. They direct the air stream horizontally;

control unit. In a protected plastic box is installed control board, to which are connected the starting elements of motors and sensors;

indicator panel. Located on the front of the air conditioner and shows the state of operation of the equipment;

drainage tray. A tray into which condensate from the surface of the heat exchanger drains. Then the condensate is drained into the sewer or outdoors through a drainage pipe. 

Several indoor units can be installed in the apartment. They can be connected to one outdoor unit.