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Air conditioners

Air conditioners (split-systems) are stationary devices that help to maintain optimal climatic conditions in an apartment, office or cafe throughout the year. The equipment efficiently copes not only with heating and cooling, but also with its purification from dust, bacteria and other small particles.
Before you buy, you should decide on a budget, because the performance of the devices and the number of functions depend directly on it. The first feature you should pay attention to is the maximum volume of the room. For a large living room, air conditioners (split systems) equipped with a powerful inverter motor are optimal. If you are planning to install the device in a bedroom or a nursery you should take into consideration the noise level, produced by the inner unit while working. Another important factor is the presence of additional modes such as automatic and night mode. The built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adapters considerably extend the capabilities of the user. Thanks to them you will be able to control the air conditioner (split-system) by means of the application installed on your smartphone or tablet.